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Panel Discussion at Novato High School

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

Presented by Bravemaker Films and moderated by founder Tony Gapastione

Panel Discussion ( edited version ) Glenn and Kate Ruehle

other panelists included

Featured film The Edge of Success Q & A with filmmakers

Film and panel discussion on mental health and suicide prevention.

BraveMaker, a nonprofit film organization, exists to elevate brave stories for diversity, inclusion + justice. Thanks to our sponsor THE QUEST, our desire is to bring awareness, hope and resources in order to persevere through life's stresses, pressures and anxieties.

Meet filmmakers Kathryn Basiji + Liza Meak share about their film and the nature of mental health on students in the Bay Area and how parents, teachers, mental health professionals can care for students who face anxiety and depression. Kathryn and Liza will be joined by mental health professionals ???

and a local parents Glenn and Kate Ruehle who lost her son to death by suicide for an interactive panel discussion.

The content of this film and panel discussion is sensitive due to the nature of conversations on mental health suicide .

Special thanks to our partners Novato High School, North Marin Community Services + Good Shepherd Lutheran church.


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