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Reflections on Our Life Together


Remembering Warren

Warren was a beautiful baby,

he looked like a perfect little Angel, but he could be fussy and hard to settle. To calm him down his dad swaddled him like a burrito, and only dad could get it tight enough. Otherwise, he would wiggle free and couldn’t sleep.


Warren was a happy, playful, goofy kid. Like most boys he was very active, always running here and there and getting into mischief. Warren was a twin, so it was double trouble with the two of them.

He and his sister had such a sweet relationship, when they weren’t knocking each other down. In utero Warren was sitting on Kara’s head, so I think she would get revenge that way. He would toddle by and she would give him a little shove and down he’d go! He didn’t mind though, because he loved falling down. He often did it on purpose!


Warren’s older sister Alyssa was just 31/2 when the twins were born. She and Warren had a special bond as well. I think they were especially close because they were both introverted and loved video games. He looked up to his big sister and admired her.


Some of my favorite memories of them are from their toddler years. When the held hands walking into preschool, picked flowers together and splashed in a fountain fully clothed.


Another image in my mind as I reflect on his childhood is Warren jumping on the living room couch with a big grin on his face, his corn silk hair flying and his blue eyes sparkling.

We used to say he was just like Tiger in Winnie The Pooh...always bouncing! We would recite the 12 Little Monkeys from preschool to remind him he might bump his head. And he would just giggle and jump even higher.

He loved his alphabet blocks and memorized the colors of the letters and the squares. We think he may have had a photographic memory, and discovered this one night at bath time. 

He would bring them in the car, he even brought them to Cost Co. When asked what he wanted for Christmas he said the letter ‘Z’. To replace the one he lost, most likely at Cost Co.


He memorized every word in his favorite Dr Seuss books, which led me to believe he was reading at 2!


His favorite things were learning knew words in his Alphabet book, and finding things in I Spy. I’ll never forget him pointing at a vegetable and pronouncing Kohlrabi perfectly.


Every night after I read to him we would do ‘5’ minutes. This was our special time together.


Warren at a very young age would ask me deep philosophical questions. He asked about God, he decided God was a woman. Warren was a smart kid!


He was full of energy like most boys, he galloped down the stairs, climbed the balcony railing ( even as a teen ). Warren was always doing flips, flips into the pool, flips on the slip n slide, flips of the ramp into Lake Tahoe.

Photos/Video of Warren doing flips

Video of Glenn telling the story

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