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Angel Mom Advocate 

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 I am the mother of an Angel 


I will never truly know or understand why my son chose to leave this world. What I do know in my heart, is that Warren’s soul lives on. I see him in my minds eye as a radiant Angelic being of light and pure love. This belief comes from my faith in God who I believe created the heavens and the earth and all living beings. It comes from an inner knowing and a soul connection with spirit. My faith gives me hope that we are always connected and bonded through love and will be reunited one day. 


Healing through Advocacy 


Healing through Advocacy


Soon after Warren died, I began my search for renewed meaning and purpose in life. I felt a calling to share our story and become an advocate for suicide prevention. 


The first year was busy for my family, there were many interviews and events as well as major life changes. 

Glenn and I were in a panel discussion at NH hosted by Quest Church and Bravemaker Films. The film The Slight Edge was shown and the film makers were also interviewed that night.


KTVU did a segment on the Suicide Strategic Plan, and the Wellness Center at NH. Myself and Michelle Cortez Vice Principle and Director of MSA were interviewed as well.


Michelle and I held a Student Advocacy Day to celebrate the students and their work, and Kevin Briggs spoke to the students about his time patrolling the Golden Gate Bridge.


Learn More page to come

including information about the Strategic plan, the Marin County Suicide Prevention Collaborative members and organizations. Links for recommended documentaries and books will also be included.

Some of my favorite photos of Warren through the years from new born to teen and in between. 


My Journey to be continued...

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